PISTIS And Associates

PISTIS And Associates

PISTIS And Associates is an accounting and auditing firm in Accra, Ghana. Our services, though formally outlined, are always tailored and offered to meet the demands and needs of our Clients.

It will be our pleasure to offer some of these services to your Company, and for this reason, we have attached to this message our brief profile and the summary of our services.

Also, find below some of these services that have tremendously helped our clients at PISTIS And Associates over the years;1. External Audit (Financial Report/Statements),
2. Internal Auditing
3. Tax Consultancy Services
4. Accounting Services
5. Payroll Consultancy Services
6. Capital Planning and Investment Advisory
7. Accounting Software Consultancy
8. Company Registration and Renewal
9. Inventory Management
10. Business Plan

We will be privileged to hear from you for any further clarification or to discuss how possibly we could help you.

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