Sweepy Maids | Warehouse Cleaning Services in Vancouver

Sweepy Maids | Warehouse Cleaning Services in Vancouver

In warehouses, it’s challenging to maintain a neat and clean environment. Well, this task is indeed troublesome but important at the same time. To execute warehouse cleaning excellently, get in touch with Sweepy Maid. This company is famous for Warehouse Cleaning Services in Vancouver.



were late showing up, did a minimal job cleaning and damaged my carpet. They left a vacuume running upright and the beater bar melted (burned) a small area of my white rug. They came to look at it, agreed it was damaged and their fault. They agreed to pay for the rug and then ghosted us. Really sad that we are out the cleaning fee (for poor cleaning) and the cost of our rug. All their good reviews are friends and family so don’t believe them!

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