Worldwide Travel Consultancy

Worldwide Travel Consultancy

We are professionals and experienced Visa Consultants. We work in collaboration with our foreign partners to assist you to get a visa for the following countries: Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Schengen States, Turkey, Romania, Poland, Russia, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and other countries.

Visa Types:

 Visit/ Tourist Visa
 Immigrant Visa
 Business Travelling Visa
 Spouse Travelling Visa
 Family Travelling Visa
 Seasonal work visa
 Permanent Work Permits
 Study Visa
 Training & Employment Visa

We will provide and assist you with complete documentation which includes:

 Visa Invitation Letters
 Sponsor Letter
 Cover Letter
 Employment letter
 Travel Itinerary
 Travel Plan
 Travel Insurance
 Hotel Booking
 Ticket Booking
 Visa application form
 Visa Checklist
 Travel History form

Our services fees range between $500 and $1000 only (or Ghana Cedi equivalent ), subject to your need.

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