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6 Mindsets Every Entrepreneur Should Have


6 Mindsets Every Entrepreneur Should Have

Your mindset is your mental attitude. It is the way you mentally respond to things and people. In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, you should have these mindsets. Now, let’s learn from the greatest entrepreneur of all time: God.


Entrepreneurs know when to begin. The Bible opens with the statement, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”. This was the beginning of the universe. God existed before the universe. There was a time God existed and there was no universe. Now, you exist with no business. The first mindset you should have as an entrepreneur is that, there is always the beginning time. Know that there is a time to begin your business. Many people spend too much time in fantasy land dreaming about their ideas. Come out of that state and start working on your idea. Put brick and mortar together and commence your business.


Entrepreneurs know their superpower. In the beginning, God said, “Let there be light and there was light”. God spoke and everything came just as He said it. Your words are from your thoughts. God had an idea in mind and He spoke it into existence. I am not saying you can speak your business into existence. No! You are not God, you cannot do that! Instead, know that you always have a superpower that can bring your idea into existence. Your superpower can be some knowledge, skill, or talent that you have. Use it to bring your idea into existence.

Set Apart

Entrepreneurs know they have been set apart for a purpose. During the Genesis creation account, God used four out of six days to separate elements from each other. You should know that as an entrepreneur you should not mix with certain mindsets. You have to separate yourself from the mindset of fear of failure and everything which is incompatible with your entrepreneurship calling. When a lion starts thinking like a sheep, it will be used for supper.

As an entrepreneur, you have been set apart for a purpose. That purpose is to solve problems and make income from them.  You need to separate yourself from anything that will not help you accomplish this problem-solving profit-making purpose.


Entrepreneurs know their resources. God created every living thing out of the water and the land. The Earth is made of both water and land. God used these two to create living things. Note carefully that living things came out of non-living things. And this happened because God used His superpower, His Word, on the non-living things. By the way, God has more than one superpower.

When you apply your superpower, which has been discussed above, to what you find in your environment, you can make great stuff. Your primary resources are in your immediate environment. You may be waiting for someone to help you with capital; good luck with that only when that person is faithful. Nevertheless, know that your chief resources are already with you. God didn’t create computers, phones, tables, books, and so forth. He left that for us to create. If you want tables, you need to look into your environment and use what God has already created (in this case, trees) to make one.


Entrepreneurs have the mindset of teamwork. God created Eve as Adam’s helper. They were a husband and wife team. They were to work together in catering for God’s earthly creation. An entrepreneur knows the power of a team. The success of your business depends heavily on your team than on your idea. A team with a shared vision and passion is more lethal than one person with a great idea.


Entrepreneurs know that resting is part of life. On the seventh day, God rested. Not that He was tired but that He stopped working. He was communicating to us one key thing that there is time to work and there is time to rest. Take good care of your body. Don’t overwork yourself. Your body (health) should be able to sustain you throughout your business’ life cycle. Having the attitude of work, rest, work, rest is healthier than work, work, work, work. Take good care of yourself, your family and friends.

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