Instagram Acceleration Masterclass


Accelerate your Instagram growth with our comprehensive Instagram Acceleration Masterclass. This masterclass will equip you with full training lessons, tutorials, and practical resources. Join now to begin developing a thriving Instagram presence for your business!



The Instagram Acceleration Masterclass is here to help small business owners and social media managers build a strong Instagram presence that can help them get more sales. This comprehensive program is designed to teach you everything you need to know about developing engaging content, building a social media community, running effective ad campaigns, and measuring your success on social media.

The Instagram Acceleration Masterclass provides you with in-depth training modules, tutorials, and a variety of practical resources to help you take your Instagram game to the next level. Whether you’re new to Instagram or looking to improve your current strategy, this program has everything you need to succeed.

Here are just a few of the advantages of joining the Instagram Acceleration Masterclass:

  • Learn how to develop a social media strategy that is in line with your business objectives and produces tangible results.
  • Create a content strategy that speaks to your target audience, complements your brand image, and encourages engagement.
  • Create an engaged, loyal, and invested social media community for your brand.
  • Run successful ad campaigns that increase traffic, sales, and conversions.
  • Measure your success with analytics and data tracking, so you can continuously improve and optimize your strategy.

Here are the details of the program:

  • Price: GHC 650 per person
  • Location: Zoom (for the sake of international participants)
  • Duration: 3 weeks Saturdays only.  Morning session (9 AM-12 noon GMT) and Evening session (6:00 PM – 9:00 PM GMT)
  • Students per class: 18

With our dedicated support team by your side, you’ll have all the assistance you need to get the most out of the program and achieve your objectives.

Don’t put off starting to build your Instagram presence any longer. Make payment for the Instagram Acceleration Masterclass today to start accelerating your Instagram growth!

Kindly make sure you register to reserve your seat after making payment. Register by clicking here.


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