Forestry & Logging

Forestry Support Services

1 Listing
forest fire fighting and protection; forest pest control; forestry inventories; forestry management consulting services; forestry service activities; timber evaluation; transport of logs in the forest

Logging Services

0 Listings
gathering and production of firewood; production of charcoal in the forest (using traditional methods); production of fence posts; production of logs and chips; production of pit props; production of Roundwood for forest-based manufacturing industries; production of utility poles

Non-wood Forest Products Gathering Services

0 Listings
gathering of balata and other rubber-like gums; the gathering of balsams; the gathering of berries; the gathering of cork; the gathering of eelgrass; the gathering of lac and resins; the gathering of mushrooms; the gathering of nuts including shea nuts; the gathering of truffles; the gathering of vegetable hair; the gathering of wild-growing materials

Silviculture & Other Forestry Services

0 Listings
conservation of forests; conservation of timber; growing of coppice; growing of firewood; growing of pulpwood; growing of standing timber; operation of forest tree nurseries; replanting of forest; thinning of forest; transplanting of forest

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