What is the purpose of having a good website marketing strategy? Is it to improve rankings in search engines like Google and Bing? What about getting traffic? Many of them? No, these are not the goals. If that is your intention, your website marketing strategy is flawed. If you’re wondering what a website marketing strategy is, please read our article titled “Web Design Marketing Strategy For Growth.” It is explained in detail there.

Market activation should be the goal of your web design marketing strategy. Market activation refers to the process of moving a customer from one stage of the customer journey to the next. Before purchasing any product or service, every customer goes through a series of stages.

The stages of the customer journey are:
1) being aware of what they want to buy,
2) searching on who to buy from,
3) buying from one of the options they had,
4) coming back to buy something more, and
5) recruiting others to buy from the supplier.

Your marketing campaign’s goal (including web design marketing) should be to propel the customer to the next level of the journey. For example, if a customer is debating between your offering and that of competitors, your web design marketing strategy should persuade them to buy from you instead.

You’ll need a team that understands both marketing goals and the technical aspects of web design. That is why you have to contact us for your web design.

We offer two types of web design that differ in price: One-page web design (mybizonline.co) and Multi-page web design. The One-Page Web Design (mybizonline.co) costs GHC 500 annually. The Multi-Page web design costs GHc 2,000 for the first year and GHC 1,200 per year after that. You can place your order by clicking here.

You can also reach us at [email protected].


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