10 Website Elements to Eliminate NOW
Web Design

10 Website Elements to Eliminate NOW

When creating a website, it’s important to focus on essential elements that contribute to a positive user experience and meet your goals.  Here are some things your website generally does not need: If you want us to design a website for you, you can check out our web design services or contact us at bisa@ghanayellowpages.com […]

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Ghana Business Guides

13+ Tips to Make Your GHC 1000 Business Succeed

With just GHC 1000, aspiring entrepreneurs face unique challenges in a competitive market. However, with the right mindset and strategic planning, success is attainable. In this article, I will discuss actionable solutions for those venturing into business with modest capital to overcome obstacles. People launching businesses with GHC 1000 or less encounter several hurdles. Key […]

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pay social media platforms
Social Media

What Happens If We Should Pay for Using Social Media Platforms?

Social media, once the free and open gateway to the digital world, is undergoing a transformation that might have profound implications for businesses in Ghana. In an era where we’ve grown accustomed to connecting, advertising, and sharing content without a fee, a shift is happening. The giants like Twitter (now known as X), Facebook, Instagram, […]

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