How to Use Facebook as a Business Networking Tool

Business networking is when people connect with each other to help their businesses grow. They talk, share ideas, and make helpful contacts to find new customers, partners, or opportunities. It’s like making friends in the business world to support each other’s success. Facebook, as a social media platform, can be seen as a business networking […]

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link facebook page and Instagram account
Facebook Instagram

How To Link Facebook Page to Instagram Account

There are two ways to link your Facebook page to your Instagram account. You can use either Facebook or Instagram. Moreover, the same steps will help you disconnect or unlink a Facebook page from an Instagram account. These are up to date than what is provided on their official website. Using Facebook Step 1: Switch […]

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How to Give Access to Your Facebook Page in 2023

If you’re a Facebook page owner, there may come a time when you need to grant access to someone else to help manage and maintain your Facebook page. Whether it’s your social media manager, or colleague providing access to your Facebook page can streamline operations and improve engagement. In this blog post, I will walk […]

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