There are two ways to link your Facebook page to your Instagram account. You can use either Facebook or Instagram. Moreover, the same steps will help you disconnect or unlink a Facebook page from an Instagram account. These are up to date than what is provided on their official website.

Using Facebook

Step 1: Switch from your personal profile to your Facebook page

Step 2: Use the  ⚙️ icon to go to Settings 

Step 3: Tap on Linked accounts

Step 4: Choose Instagram, and link your account

Using Instagram

Step 1: Tap on your profile picture at the bottom right

Step 2: Tap on more options at the top right corner

Step 3: Tap on ⚙️Settings and privacy

Step 4: Tap on Accounts Center

Step 5: Tap on Accounts

Step 6: Tap on Add Accounts, then connect your Facebook page

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