Building Completion & Finishing Services

application in buildings or other construction projects of interior and exterior plaster; cleaning of new buildings after construction; hanging or fitting in buildings or other construction projects; installation of wood or other materials; installation of ceramic stove fitting parquet and other wooden floor coverings; installation of door and window frames; installation of doors (except automated and revolving); installation of fitted kitchens; installation of glass, mirrors, etc; installation of interior completion such as ceilings; installation of movable partitions; installation of staircases; installation of wallpaper; installation of windows; installation of wooden wall coverings; interior and exterior painting of buildings; interior installation of boats; interior installation of shop; lathing materials; laying of floor tiles; laying of marble floor; laying of terrazzo floor; laying of carpets and linoleum floor coverings; laying of ceramic; laying of concrete or cut stone wall; laying of granite or slate floor; painting of civil engineering structures

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