Printing Businesses

Printing with computer printers; Printing with duplicating machines; Printing using embossers; Printing directly onto ceramics; Printing directly onto glass; Printing directly onto metal; Printing directly onto plastics; Printing directly onto textiles; Printing directly onto wood; Printing of advertising catalogs; Printing of atlases; Printing of books and brochures; Printing of business forms and other commercial printed matter; Printing of calenders; Printing of cheques and other secruity papers; Printing of diaries; Printing of documents of title; Printing of greeting cards; Printing of magazines and other periodicals; Printing of maps; Printing of music and music manuscripts; Printing of newspapers; Printing of personal stationery and other printed matter by letterpress, offset,
photogravure, flexographic; Printing of postage stamps; Printing of posters; Printing of prospectuses and other printed advertising; Printing of taxation tamps; Printing on labels; Printing on tags ( lithographic, gravure printing, flexographic printing, others

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