Agape Academy International

Agape Academy International

Welcome to Aspire International School, where we foster an environment that empowers students to reach for the stars. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, world-class curriculum that nurtures critical thinking, self-motivation, and personal growth, while fostering creativity and innovation. Rooted in principles of godliness, morality, and purpose, we aspire to instill these values in each of our learners.

Our Early Years program blends the Cambridge Curriculum with a Montessori approach, ensuring a strong foundation for our youngest learners. Through play-based and child-centered teaching, we cultivate progressive skills and confidence in key developmental areas, starting from as young as six months old.

Equipped with resources to deliver quality education, our teachers guide infants and young children through an exciting and informative educational journey.

Transitioning to primary education, our holistic and balanced curriculum is continually enhanced with interactive and innovative resources. Our unique blend of classroom and online teaching provides an exceptional platform for learning and assessment, ensuring progress and professional development throughout their time with us.

At the secondary level, we encourage independence and leadership while embracing the Ubuntu approach. Through strategic group learning and a focus on winning attitudes such as communality, respect, and social justice, we prepare students to excel both academically and personally.

Join us at Aspire International School and embark on a journey of growth, excellence, and fulfillment.

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