Akosombo Industrial Company Limited

Akosombo Industrial Company Limited

Nestled in the heart of Ghana, the land of gold, Akosombo Industrial Company Limited (AICL) weaves a vibrant tapestry of creativity and tradition. Established in 1967 as Akosombo Textiles Ltd., AICL pioneered the modern textile industry in Ghana, setting the stage for a legacy of exceptional quality and rich cultural expression.

Our well-equipped factory, based in the scenic town of Akosombo, serves as the beating heart of our operations. Meanwhile, our dynamic sales and administrative office in the bustling city of Accra keeps us well-connected to our customers and partners.

What Sets Us Apart:

At AICL, we draw inspiration from the cultural patterns and meanings that adorn the fabrics of our beautiful nation. We’ve evolved with the times, and our journey has led us to partner with renowned international wax producers. This collaboration allows us to expand our product range and consistently produce high-quality wax prints that embody the spirit of Ghana.

Unique Offering:

Notably, AICL stands as the sole company in Ghana to print RealWax, an exceptional testament to our commitment to preserving tradition and celebrating Ghanaian heritage through our textiles.

Join us at Akosombo Industrial Company Limited, where every fabric we create is a vibrant reflection of Ghana’s rich culture and a testament to our dedication to quality. Explore our world of textiles and experience the magic of RealWax.

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