Architectural design & Building Construction

Welcome to Dunnock Associates, where innovation meets craftsmanship! As a privately owned company founded by a team of young and energetic individuals, we take pride in delivering exceptional services with over three years of collective experience. Our commitment revolves around setting the highest standards for safety, quality, and integrity.

🏗️ Our Services:

  1. Architectural Design:
    • Building Design
    • Interior Design
    • Structural Design
    • 3D Visualization
  2. Building Construction:
    • Residential Construction
    • Roofing Installation
    • Electrical Installation
    • Plumbing Installation
  3. Other Services:
    • Terrazzo & Tiles Experts
    • Demolishing Buildings

💡 Why Choose Dunnock Associates?

  • Innovative Designs: Our team of experts excels in architectural and interior design, ensuring your vision comes to life with a touch of innovation.
  • Quality Construction: From residential projects to roofing, electrical, and plumbing installations, we guarantee top-notch construction services built on a foundation of quality and durability.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: As your one-stop solution provider, we offer a diverse range of services, including terrazzo and tiles expertise, ensuring every aspect of your project is handled with precision.
  • Client-Centric Approach: At Dunnock Associates, we prioritize client satisfaction. Your needs and preferences are at the core of our decision-making process.

Ready to embark on your next project? Get in touch with Dunnock Associates for a consultation and let’s turn your ideas into reality!

Transforming dreams into structures, Dunnock Associates is your trusted partner in design and construction.

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