De Simone Ltd

De Simone Ltd, founded in 1964, stands as a prominent leader in the West African Construction Sector. With a remarkable track record of successfully completing numerous construction projects, their expertise spans across Private, Mining, Industrial, Oil & Gas, and selected Governmental sectors.

🏗️ Building | Civil | Earthworks | Structural Solutions 🏗️

What sets De Simone Ltd apart is their status as a Ghanaian private limited liability entity, dedicated to providing innovative infrastructure solutions in the Building, Civil, Earthworks, and Structural industries.

🏭 Monolo Plant & Eastern Quarry Companies 🏭

The De Simone Group extends its capabilities further through its Monolo Plant and Eastern Quarry Companies. These subsidiaries offer commercialized concrete facilities and quarry operations, ensuring comprehensive project support.

🤝 Smart Partnerships & Proficient Contracting 🤝

The project divisions at De Simone Ltd take a customer-centric approach, fostering smart partnerships and delivering a proficient contractor experience across various contracting forms.

For all your construction and infrastructure needs, De Simone Ltd is your trusted partner in West Africa.

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