Ghana Textile Printing (GTP)

Ghana Textile Printing (GTP)

Discover the epitome of West Africa’s premier print and textiles brand at Ghana Textiles Printing (GTP). Established in January 1966 by the visionary leader Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first President, GTP stands as the pioneering indigenous Ghanaian textile brand.

As a proud member of the VLISCO GROUP, GTP inherited the wax-printing legacy from Vlisco Company, based in Helmond. However, GTP has embraced innovation by transitioning from traditional methods to utilizing Rotary Screen-Printing Machines, revolutionizing the production of wax prints without wax.

Throughout its journey, GTP has blossomed into an authentic local brand, boasting African design teams, Ghana-based production facilities, and sourcing of raw materials such as cotton from the West African market. This commitment fosters the brand’s mission of delivering African-made products, infused with a distinct African DNA and premium quality, to its cherished consumers.

Under the stewardship of Tex Styles Ghana Limited (TSGL), a subsidiary of the renowned global textile powerhouse VLISCO BV headquartered in Helmond, The Netherlands, GTP exemplifies excellence in design, printing, distribution, and marketing.

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