GIMPA – Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration

Vision: To establish GIMPA as the foremost Center of Excellence dedicated to enhancing leadership, management, public administration, and sustainability, driving socio-economic progress in Ghana and across Africa.

Mission: GIMPA is committed to nurturing distinguished leaders across public service, private sector, and non-governmental organizations, instilled with a profound sense of humanity to foster sustainable national development. We achieve this through:

  • Quality Research, Teaching, and Learning: Providing exceptional educational experiences and conducting impactful research.
  • Active Stakeholder Engagement and Community Service: Collaborating closely with stakeholders and serving the community to address societal needs.
  • Global Connectedness: Fostering connections and collaborations on a global scale to enrich our endeavors.
  • Excellence in All We Do: Upholding the highest standards of excellence in every aspect of our operations.

Core Values:

  • Excellence: Striving for perfection, continually improving, and delivering the highest quality outcomes.
  • Distinctiveness: Upholding professionalism, integrity, accountability, and transparency, honoring our heritage.
  • Connectedness: Promoting collaboration and networking to remain relevant and valuable to our global society.
  • Fairness: Valuing and respecting stakeholders, embracing diversity, and maintaining impartiality.
  • Sustainability: Pursuing operational efficiencies and innovations to safeguard the future for generations to come.
  • Trustworthiness: Committing to honesty, truthfulness, and reliability in all interactions and engagements.

At GIMPA, we are dedicated to shaping leaders who will drive positive change and sustainable development for Ghana, Africa, and beyond. Join us in our journey towards excellence and societal impact.

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