Grace Organic Farms

Grace Organic Farms: Where Health Meets Sustainability

Discover the essence of wholesome sustenance at Grace Organic Farms, a sprawling 2000-acre organic haven nestled in the serene coastal town of Ekumfi. Situated just 45 kilometres east of Cape Coast, the capital of Ghana’s Central Region, this certified organic gem stands as a beacon of health and sustainability.

A Cultivation of Purpose

Grace Organic Farms isn’t just a farm; it’s a mission. With a resolute commitment to cultivating nutrient-dense foods for local consumption and export, our purpose resonates with every acre we tend. At present, our fertile grounds host a tapestry of organic wonders – 100 acres of succulent organic pineapples (sugar loaf and smooth Cayenne varieties), 100 acres of luscious organic coconuts, and a verdant expanse of organic vegetables.

Crafting Nature’s Bounty

The symphony of nature plays out at Grace Organic Farms, where acres of vibrant produce spring to life through the dedicated efforts of our diverse and dedicated team. Each shipment that leaves our farm is not just a delivery; it’s a triumph – a testament to the collaboration between our team and our cherished customers. The threads of partnership woven across the region mirror our fervor for and allegiance to the sustainable production of certified organic bounty.

A Venture of Excellence

Grace Organic Farms stands proudly under the banner of Rainbow Consolidated Ltd. As a wholly owned and operated venture, we carry forth the legacy of excellence synonymous with the Rainbow name. Our journey is a celebration of health, ethics, and stewardship of the land.

A Promise of Purity

In an era where quality and authenticity are prized above all, Grace Organic Farms is your refuge for pure, unadulterated nourishment. We invite you to traverse our lush fields, where the air is crisp, the soil is rich, and the harvest is nothing short of nature’s perfection. Join us in embracing the beauty of organic farming, where health flourishes and sustainability thrives. At Grace Organic Farms, every crop is a testament to our commitment to a healthier, more harmonious world.

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