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Welcome to Homebase Ventures Ltd: Illuminating Excellence Since 2000

Step into a world where excellence meets innovation. Established in the year 2000, Homebase Ventures Ltd stands as the premier importer and supplier of original and high-quality electrical products in Ghana and the wider West African Region. Our commitment to British, European, and International Standards (BS EN ISO) ensures that every product we offer not only meets but exceeds expectations for durability and precision.

Our dedication to quality has made us the preferred choice for a diverse clientele, including Electrical and Civil Engineering Contractors, Estate Developers, Homeowners, and Government Agencies and Departments across Ghana and the West African Region.

Core Products that Set the Standard:

Electric Cables: A comprehensive range of types and sizes to meet every need.
Transformers, Ring Main Unit, and Feeder Pillars: Power distribution solutions engineered for reliability.
PVC Pipes and Trunkings: Versatile conduits for seamless installations.
Distribution & Addressable Panel Boards: Precision-engineered control and distribution centres.
Arrestors, Switches & Sockets: Trusted components for efficient electrical systems.
Lights: A dazzling array of types and sizes to illuminate your spaces.
Fans and Air-Conditioners: Elevate comfort and climate control.
Smoke Detectors, Video & Audio Intercom Systems: Enhance safety and communication.

With Homebase Ventures Ltd, you’re not just buying products – you’re making an investment in quality and peace of mind. Our mission is to create safe and comfortable environments in homes, offices, and factories by offering a comprehensive range of international standard electrical, lighting, and electronic equipment and accessories.

Our vision propels us towards leadership and recognition as the go-to source for electrical and lighting solutions across West Africa. Homebase Ventures Ltd is more than a supplier; we’re your partners in progress, ensuring that your spaces shine with brilliance and efficiency.

Experience excellence, innovation, and unwavering commitment with Homebase Ventures Ltd. Contact us today to embark on a journey of unmatched quality and value.

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