Kawa Moka

Kawa Moka

Discover Kawa Moka: Where Ghana’s Cacao History Meets Exquisite Coffee Flavours

Kawa Moka is a captivating journey through Ghana’s cacao legacy woven seamlessly with our luscious coffee blends. “Kawa,” an Arabic term meaning coffee, often referred to as “the wine of the bean,” harmoniously blends with “Moka,” a historic seaport city in Yemen, celebrated as coffee’s portal to Europe.

Rooted in the heart of West Africa, native Robusta coffee has flourished in Leklebi since the 1930s. Nestled amidst cacao trees, plantain groves, and thriving food crops, our coffee beans exude a symphony of intricate flavours, enveloping the essence of chocolate, fruits, and nuts.

Our expertise lies in crafting meticulously roasted, small-batch speciality coffee that carries the soul of our land. The process is an art, as we sustainably cultivate our coffee under the stewardship of over 20 resilient Indigenous women small-farm proprietors in the Volta Region.

With every sip of Kawa Moka, you experience a fusion of cultures and flavours, a testament to the rich heritage of Ghana’s cacao and coffee traditions. Join us on this sensorial expedition, where each cup tells a tale of history, dedication, and sustainability. Contact us to indulge in the symphony of flavours that define Kawa Moka’s extraordinary journey.

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