Maker Hybrand

Maker Hybrand

Maker Hybrand is a firm of chartered accountants, tax consultants and management consultants domiciled in Ghana, West Africa. Our services include:
1. Audit (statutory audit, forensic audit and special investigations)
2. Tax (tax compliance, tax planning, tax advisory and tax advocacy (including responding to tax audit reports issued by GRA tax and debt negotiations)
3. Book keeping, accounting/ financial reporting
4. Secretarial & legal services (including company registration and GIPC registration)
5. Outsourced payroll services
6. Business/ share valuation
7. Due diligence
8. Corporate restructuring
9. Debt restructuring and debt valuation
10. IFRS Implementation
11. Corporate liquidation
12. Human resource services
13. I.T. Consulting
14. Internal control design and implementation
15. Company policies and procedures (e.g. tailoring of finance and accounting manual, policies & procedures)

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