MI-COCOA LTD (Ohene Cocoa)

MI-COCOA LTD (Ohene Cocoa)

At Ohene Cocoa, we are on a mission to breathe new life into the African cocoa industry and redefine the concept of value addition.

Our exceptional range of genuine cocoa products and services aims to unveil the untapped potential of cocoa, revealing that there’s a world of possibilities beyond your imagination.

Since our inception in 2018, Ohene Cocoa has proudly established itself as the connoisseur of cocoa and aficionado of value addition. Through the cultivation of premium-grade Ghanaian cocoa and the creation of a diverse array of distinctive cocoa products, we are rewriting the narrative of West African cocoa with every passing day.

Our vision is clear: to develop an authentic cocoa agribusiness that brings tangible benefits to every participant in the value chain. By embracing innovation, igniting transformative change, fostering employment opportunities, and cultivating wealth, we are dedicated to safeguarding the prosperity of generations to come.

Our ultimate aspiration is to emerge as the premier fully-integrated Ghanaian cocoa brand with a truly global appeal and reach.

Join us on this exciting journey as we shape the future of cocoa by amplifying its value and impact. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative initiatives and how Ohene Cocoa is leading the way towards a more prosperous and sustainable cocoa industry.

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