Nationwide Medical Insurance

Nationwide Medical Insurance

At Nationwide Medical Insurance, our mission is to efficiently collect and pool subscribers’ contributions, providing quality healthcare through a reliable network of motivated and committed healthcare service providers. We aim to be the dominant financier of healthcare services in the private medical sector.

Our Objectives:

  • Enable subscribers/companies to budget for healthcare costs.
  • Spread the financial impact of illness through insurance.
  • Continuously enhance the quality of healthcare services at the best value.

Key Statistics:

  • Serving over 80,000 customers annually, our operation is robust.
  • Awarded over 20 times, showcasing our diligence.
  • Partnered with 600+ hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, diagnostic centers, dental, and optical centers nationwide, ensuring access to quality healthcare.

Our Values:

  • Integrity: We uphold the highest standards and keep our promises.
  • Technology: Utilizing cutting-edge technology in all operations.
  • Innovation: Constantly innovating for efficiency and convenience.
  • Dependable: Our network offers comprehensive medical facilities and specialist services, ensuring dependable healthcare.
  • Efficiency: Optimal resource utilization for subscriber satisfaction and delight.

Trust Nationwide Medical Insurance for your healthcare financing needs. We’re dedicated to providing quality healthcare solutions nationwide.

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