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Paba Cosmetics

At Paba Cosmetics, we are more than just a makeup line. We are a family-owned brand with a mission to empower women of diverse skin tones to embrace their unique beauty. Founded by Felicia Sarpong, a dedicated mother and visionary CEO, Paba Cosmetics is a 100% cruelty-free makeup line that is the answer to the long-standing struggle of finding the perfect foundation shade.

Our Story: Felicia Sarpong’s personal journey led to the creation of Paba Cosmetics. Frustrated by years of using products that left her skin with an unsatisfactory finish, she decided to take matters into her own hands. In 2001, Paba Cosmetics was born, inspired by the initials of her eldest daughter’s name, with her youngest daughter as the brand’s face.

Our Expansion: Originally sold in urban beauty supply stores across Canada, we took a significant step in 2010 when Felicia left her 25-year career in senior management at a Canadian bank. She opened the first Paba Cosmetics store in Accra, Ghana, and later expanded to Accra and Kumasi. In February 2016, our first Canadian storefront opened in Etobicoke, Ontario.

A Family Affair: Paba Cosmetics is now owned and operated by Felicia Sarpong and her two daughters, Princilla and Daisy. We take pride in our products, specially formulated to address various skin conditions, including hyperpigmentation, acne-prone skin, eczema, and skin sensitivity. Our makeup is oil-free and hypoallergenic, ensuring comfort for all.

Our Mission: Our slogan, “For All The Beautiful Shades Of You,” reflects our commitment to making every woman feel comfortable in her own skin. We refer to our clients as Paba Ladies, and our goal is to enhance their natural beauty, not mask it.

One-on-One Consultation: Paba Cosmetics offers one-on-one makeup consultations and color match sessions at our various locations. We want every Paba Lady to leave with products that perfectly match their undertone, enabling them to confidently wear Paba as a natural addition to their beauty.

Join the Paba Community: Paba Cosmetics is more than makeup; it’s your favorite accessory. We are here to redefine the way you perceive cosmetics. With Paba, you’ll understand your true undertone and achieve a natural, flawless look that lets your inner beauty shine through.

Experience the beauty of Paba Cosmetics and become a part of our empowering community. Let Paba be your beauty partner and celebrate all the beautiful shades of you.

Visit us at our various locations and let us help you discover the beauty within. “Paba Cosmetics is your favorite accessory.”

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