Play the Tile Connect game online

Play the Tile Connect game online

Tile Connect is a popular strategy game in which you need to find pairs of identical images and leave the board empty. Your goal is to connect all pairs and remove all tiles from the playing field. Inspired by the classic matching game Mahjong, with interesting gameplay.
If you love match games and are looking for a great puzzle game to exercise your brain and memory, you will definitely be addicted to this latest and free Tile Connect game!
Tile Connect is a well-designed jigsaw puzzle game to develop logical thinking and practice your puzzle hands completely for free. This will be the perfect time-killing game for you! Additionally, you can also try connect 4. It is also a game worth playing during breaks.
With simple rules to follow, what you need to do in this matching game is find and connect tiles with different images into pairs. When all the tiles are matched and disappear from the puzzle board, you will be able to win the current level!
This amazing puzzle game also lets you enjoy matching tiles and blocks with sharp and different patterns, for example, fresh fruits, delicious desserts, butterflies, diamonds and much more! Come challenge yourself with your favorite blocks here!
Main Features of the Game
✓ Matching games focus on thinking for all ages.
✓ Completely FREE to enjoy anytime and anywhere.
✓ Simple and fun pairing mechanics and rules
✓ Lots of challenging Tile Connect levels to unlock
✓ Clear user interface and beautiful tile collection with uniquely designed graphics
✓ A variety of templates and themes to choose from
✓ Easy and flexible to control and connect puzzle tiles
✓ Relaxing puzzle game without time limit
✓ Use help to overcome difficulties faster.
How do I play?
Tap on the first cell to select it and search for another cell with the same image.
Connect two identical cells with no more than three straight lines.
After connecting, pairs of identical puzzle tiles will disappear from the puzzle board.
Match all the tiles into pairs to clear the board and collect as many stars as possible!
Take advantage of hints when you’re stuck and use shuffle to rearrange all the tiles for easier path building.

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