Serendipalm Company Limited

Serendipalm Company Limited

Serendipalm: Transforming Palm Oil Production for People and Planet

At Serendipalm, our approach to palm oil production sets us apart from major competitors right from the moment you step onto our project. Unlike others who cultivate oil palms in vast monoculture plantations often carved out of recently cleared forests, our commitment to sustainability is palpable. We source palm fruits exclusively from local organic smallholder farmers, guiding them through the transition to organic cultivation while enhancing soil fertility and yields.

Our oil palm farms, spanning 2–3 hectares (5-7.5 acres), stand in stark contrast to conventional plantations sprawling over 10,000 hectares. Emphasizing simple, labor-intensive processes at our Asuom oil mill, we have generated over 250 jobs—a testament to our focus on community empowerment. Our dedication extends to meticulous work planning, open communication, ongoing education, and continual production efficiency enhancements.

While our yearly organic palm oil production ranges from 500 to 1,000 tons—modest in comparison to larger endeavours—we firmly believe that small is often better. Our philosophy of fair and eco-friendly production enables us to deeply integrate within the Asuom district, fostering positive impacts through employment opportunities and community development initiatives.

Serendipalm’s remarkable success demonstrates that producing “good” fair trade and organic palm oil is not just a possibility, but a reality. Our collaboration with larger global projects that share our social and environmental ethos allows us to propagate this transformative concept worldwide.

We actively engage in Europe’s passionate palm oil debate, lending our voice through discussions, publications, and proposals for policymakers. As dedicated players in this discourse, both Serendipalm and Dr. Bronner’s are committed to shaping a sustainable future for palm oil.

Join us in our mission to redefine palm oil production, embracing a model that benefits communities, ecosystems, and the planet. Contact us to learn more about Serendipalm’s journey and our contribution to a more sustainable palm oil industry.

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