Techengy co-op

Techengy co-op

Delivering over 20 years of expertise, Techengy Corporation, a forward-thinking engineering firm, serves as a full-service commercial electrical contractor. Our commitment to excellence is evident through an array of services, including general electrical construction, smart building automation, solar systems, and security services. As a responsive and experienced team, we provide 24/7 quick response assistance, specializing in cutting-edge electrical solutions for manufacturing applications. Effectively managing and servicing essential equipment is made possible by our extensive experience.

Dedicated to delivering the best possible service, we take pride in our reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses electrical construction, energy conservation, security systems installation, building automations, and office and home internet services. At Techengy Corporation, we are passionate about enhancing your electrical infrastructure, ensuring optimal functionality, and providing top-notch security services.

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