The British Council

The British Council

The British Council is an international organization that operates in over 100 countries, including Ghana, with a mission to promote peace, prosperity, and understanding between people from different cultures and backgrounds. Here’s an overview of the British Council’s work in Ghana and its core focus areas:


The British Council’s mission is to build connections, understanding, and trust between people in the UK and countries worldwide. It aims to achieve this mission through a combination of strategies and activities.

Core Focus Areas


1. Education and Skills Development:
– The British Council in Ghana works to support young people in gaining the education, qualifications, and skills necessary to reach their potential in future careers. This involves various educational programs and initiatives to enhance learning opportunities.

2. Youth Empowerment and Engagement:
– The organization is committed to creating and developing new networks and platforms that provide young people with a voice in society. This empowers youth to actively participate in decision-making and social development.

Key Activities and Services

1. English Language Learning: The British Council offers English language courses and programs to help individuals improve their English language skills. Proficiency in English is valuable for academic, professional, and social advancement.

2. Education Support: The organization supports educational initiatives that provide individuals with access to quality education, both in the UK and locally in Ghana. This includes scholarships, partnerships with educational institutions, and educational resources.

3. Cultural Exchange and Arts: The British Council promotes cultural exchange and arts collaborations between the UK and Ghana. This fosters cultural understanding and appreciation and encourages creative expression.

4. Youth Engagement Programs: The British Council creates opportunities for young people to engage in leadership, cultural exchange, and entrepreneurial programs that help them develop skills and broaden their perspectives.

5. Policy and Advocacy: The organization engages with policymakers, academics, and influencers to advocate for policies and initiatives that support education, cultural exchange, and youth empowerment.

Long History in Ghana:

The British Council has a long history of engagement in Ghana, dating back to 1944. Over the years, it has established strong connections with students, educators, policymakers, academics, creatives, and entrepreneurs in the country.

In summary, the British Council’s work in Ghana is focused on empowering young people, promoting education and skills development, and fostering cultural exchange and understanding. Through its various programs and initiatives, it aims to contribute to the social and economic development of Ghana and strengthen ties between the UK and Ghanaian communities.

        11 Liberia Road, PO Box GP 771, Accra, Ghana
	Telephone: +233 (0)30 2610090

        British Council
	Bank Road, PO Box KS 1996, Kumasi, Ghana
	Telephone: +233 (0)32 2023462 / 2030820 
	Fax:  +233 (0)51 26725

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