Tilly's Farm

Tilly's Farm

Tilly’s Farm: Crafting Excellence in Pork Production

Nestled within the heartlands of Ghana, Tilly’s Farm stands as a testament to dedication, innovation, and community. As a limited liability company, we have etched our identity in the realm of pig farming and the artistry of crafting premium pork and pork products, an endeavour rooted in our registration under the number CS 503092014.

Cultivating a Community of Excellence

At Tilly’s Farm, we are not just cultivators of pork; we are cultivators of excellence. Our journey transcends the mere act of farming – it is a symphony of collaboration. We forge a network of smallholder pig farmers, extending our hand to empower and uplift. By sharing our technical acumen, we empower them to raise the bar on pork quality, cultivating a harmonious relationship that spans the pork value chain.

A Sustainable Legacy of Nourishment

In the embrace of our spacious pens, our pigs thrive year-round, basking in comfort and care. Our commitment to their well-being echoes in every bite of our premium pork. Fueling their growth with nature’s gifts, we eschew the use of growth hormones or enhancers. Instead, our pigs feast on agro-processed byproducts – rice bran, palm kernel cake, and soybean – nurturing a legacy of sustainability and wholesome nourishment.

A Mission For Excellence

Our mission is etched in our every endeavour – to craft premium quality pork and pork products. By harnessing the power of improved production methods, embracing value addition, and igniting marketing innovations, we are architects of transformation in the world of pork.

Illuminating Our Vision

The horizon of our vision radiates with a commitment to our nation, our community, and our customers. With unwavering resolve, we aspire to present Ghanaians with a cornucopia of locally produced, world-class pork products. In every succulent bite, in every savoury aroma, we manifest our dedication to this noble cause.

A Promise Fulfilled

Tilly’s Farm isn’t just a place; it’s a promise. It’s a promise to our farmers, our community, and our patrons – a promise of excellence, sustainability, and wholesome nourishment. With every slice of pork, with every product that carries our name, we fulfil that promise, etching the legacy of Tilly’s Farm in the hearts and palates of all who partake.

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