Web Design: Multi-Page Subdomain


Get your beautifully designed and contemporary-looking website that complements your brand and meets your business requirements. We offer customized emails, SEO optimization, eCommerce capability, a variety of payment methods, and first-rate security. We make sure that your website is usable on all devices, enabling your customers to contact you from any device. You can rely on us to take care of your website from the very beginning to the very end. Take your internet presence to the next level by purchasing this web design service right away!

The multi-page web design is a website with the following pages: Home, About Us, Shop/Services/Portfolio, Contact, and Blog.

It is a subdomain website. This means your website address will be yourbusinessname.mybizonline.co. Mybizonline.co is a sub-brand of Ghana Yellow Pages.

This package is for small business owners who have a tight budget but want to have access to more SEO features that will help them increase their Google rankings and possibly get more sales.

Product Features

Price: A multi-page subdomain website costs GHC 750 annually. This is a fantastic value for the money because it comes with all the features we provide.

Email: We will provide a professional email address for your business. This will add credibility and professionalism to your brand. Your customers can reach you at yourbusinessname@mybizonline.co.

Search: Your website will appear on search engines such as Google and Bing. This feature enhances your online visibility and drives traffic to your website.

E-Commerce: With our service, you are able to sell an indefinite amount of goods and services online. This is ideal for companies trying to increase their businesses online.

Professional Design: A contemporary, stunning website that complements your brand will be created by our team of experts. We make sure that users have a good experience on your website and that it stands out.

Payments: To make online payments on your website simple, we will add several payment options, such as Mobile Money (all networks), Credit Cards (VISA, Mastercard), ApplePay, and PayPal.

Security: Security is our primary priority, thus we make sure that your website is safe from hackers. We offer advanced security solutions to protect your website and client data.

Responsive: Each and every device, including laptops, tablets, and mobile phones, will be able to view your website perfectly. This ensures that your website is accessible to your customers irrespective of their devices.

Instagram and Facebook Shops: We will assist you in setting up your Instagram and Facebook shops through your website, enhancing your presence and boosting your sales on these platforms.

Contact Info: Customers will find it easy to contact you because your contact details will be readily available on your website.

Get started by making the full payment upfront using our secure checkout and a credit card from Visa, Mastercard, or Mobile Money (all networks). In two to three weeks, your website will be finished. Our web design services will go above and beyond to build a beautiful website that exceeds your expectations.


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