10 Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Name For a Ghanaian Business + Samples

Choosing the perfect business name can be a daunting task. After all, it should be memorable, creative, and accurately convey the personality of your business. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your name is the best it can be.

How To Choose a Business Name 

Understand Your Brand: Start by understanding your brand identity, values, and the products or services you offer. Consider the image you want to project and the target market you aim to attract.

Research the Market: Conduct market research to identify existing businesses in your industry and their names. This will help you avoid selecting a name that is too similar to existing ones, which could cause confusion or legal issues.

Brainstorm: Generate a list of potential business names that align with your brand identity. Consider using keywords related to your industry or products, as well as words that evoke the desired image or emotions.

Check for Availability: Once you have a list of potential names, check their availability for registration. Visit the Registrar General’s Department (RGD) website or contact them directly to search for existing business names. Ensure that the name you choose is not already registered or infringes on any trademarks.

Consider Legal and Regulatory Requirements: Ensure that the name you choose complies with Ghana’s legal and regulatory requirements. Avoid using names that are offensive, misleading, or violate any laws or cultural sensitivities.

Reflect Local Culture and Market: Consider incorporating elements of Ghanaian culture or local relevance into your business name. This can help create a strong connection with your target audience and differentiate your business.

Test the Name: Share your shortlisted names with trusted friends, family, or potential customers. Gather their feedback and insights on the name’s appeal, clarity, and relevance to your business.

Check Domain Availability: In today’s digital world, it is important to have an online presence. Check if the domain name associated with your chosen business name is available for registration. Having a matching domain name will make it easier for customers to find you online.

Consider Future Growth and Expansion: Think about your long-term business goals and potential expansion plans. Choose a name that can accommodate future growth and does not limit your business to a specific product or location.

Make a Decision: Evaluate the feedback, availability, cultural relevance, and future growth potential of each name on your list. Select the most suitable and impactful name for your business.

Remember to consult with legal and branding professionals to ensure compliance with all legal requirements and to protect your business name.

How Some Big Businesses Got Their Names

Google: The name “Google” was derived from the mathematical term “googol,” which represents the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. The name was chosen to signify the company’s mission to organize the vast amount of information available on the internet.

Apple: The name “Apple” was chosen by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, the co-founders of the company. According to Jobs, he was inspired by a visit to an apple orchard and thought the name sounded “fun, spirited, and not intimidating.”

Nike: The name “Nike” is inspired by the Greek goddess of victory. The co-founder of Nike, Phil Knight, and his team decided on the name as a representation of their vision to bring success and achievement to athletes.

Amazon: Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, wanted a name that started with the letter “A” to appear at the top of alphabetical lists. He also wanted a name that reflected the company’s mission to offer a wide selection of products. After considering various options, he settled on “Amazon,” inspired by the world’s largest river and its vastness.

Coca-Cola: The name “Coca-Cola” was created by the company’s founder, John Pemberton. He combined the two main ingredients of the beverage: coca leaves (the source of cocaine) and the cola nut. The name has remained unchanged since the company’s inception in 1886.

Microsoft: The name “Microsoft” is a combination of the words “microcomputer” and “software.” Co-founders Bill Gates and Paul Allen came up with the name to reflect their focus on developing software for personal computers.

Starbucks: The founders of Starbucks were inspired by the novel “Moby-Dick,” which features a character named Starbuck. They thought the name sounded strong and evoked the spirit of adventure. The founders also wanted a name that started with the letter “S” to represent their Seattle roots.

Cisco: The company name “Cisco” is derived from the city name “San Francisco.” The founders of Cisco Systems, Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner, were working at Stanford University when they developed the initial version of their networking technology. They were located in San Francisco, and when it came time to name their company, they decided to call it “Cisco Systems.” The name not only pays homage to its location but also reflects the company’s focus on networking solutions and systems.

These examples demonstrate how different companies found inspiration from various sources, including mythology, nature, and even alphabetical positioning. The names were chosen to align with the company’s vision, values, and desired brand image.

Samples of Ghanaian Business Name Ideas 

Kindly note that these are not the names of real businesses. I just crafted them for the purpose of illustration. They are meant to inspire you.

MfidieTech Systems: By combining “Mfidie” with “Tech,” this name emphasizes the business’s specialization in technology and systems. It creates a strong association with machines and technological advancements.

AdwumaMfidie Tech: This name directly combines “Adwuma” and “Mfidie” with “Tech” at the end. It signifies a technology company specializing in machines and work-related solutions, creating a memorable and unique name.

ObaaGlam: This name utilizes the shortened form of “Obaa” and combines it with “Glam.” It evokes a sense of elegance, glamour, and feminine beauty, making it suitable for a business offering beauty products or services.

HonamFe Beauty: This name combines  “Honam” with a shortened form of “Ahuofe” to create “HonamFe” and adds “Beauty.” It signifies a beauty business that focuses on enhancing the natural beauty of the body, offering a range of beauty services and products.

Honam Glow: This name focuses on the Ghanaian word “Honam” and adds “Glow” to evoke a sense of radiant beauty. It represents a beauty brand that aims to enhance and illuminate the body’s natural beauty.

Akenkan Literacy Center: This name utilizes the word “Akenkan” and adds “Literacy Center.” It highlights the focus on promoting reading skills and literacy development, positioning the business as a leading center for fostering educational excellence.

Jepadie Properties: This name incorporates the Ghanaian word “agyapadie” and transforms it using English phonics. By replacing “gy” with “j” and retaining the pronunciation of “e” as in “bed,” we get “Jepadie.” The word “Properties” is added to clearly convey the nature of the business as a real estate company.

Kwadomden Health: This name merges “Kwadwo” and “Apomden” to create “Kwadomden.” It signifies a health-related business that embraces local identity and focuses on promoting wellness and health in the community.

KumOde Fashion: This name combines a shortened form of “Kumasi” with “Ode” from “Odehyie” and adds “Fashion.” It signifies a fashion brand that draws inspiration from the royal heritage of Kumasi, creating regal and stylish clothing.

SikaCedi/ CediSika Bank: This name combines the Ghanaian word “sika,” meaning money, with “Cedi,” which is the currency of Ghana. By using “SikaCedi” or “CediSika” as the bank’s name, it directly associates with the local currency and conveys the core focus of the institution on financial services, including banking and currency transactions.

AkwanRide: This name combines the Ghanaian word “akwantuo” with “Ride” to create “AkwanRide.” It conveys a transport service that specializes in providing rides and emphasizes the connection to Ghanaian culture.

QuanHyen Transport Services: This name combines the phonics of “kw” in “akwantuo” (pronounced as “qu”) with “hyen” from “ehyen” to create “QuanHyen.” It signifies a transport service provider and adds “Transport Services” to clearly convey the nature of the business.


For whatever name you settle on, ensure that it is memorable and conveys the right message while considering how the name will sound to customers.

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