How To List Your Business on Ghana Yellow Pages

The mission of Ghana Yellow Pages is to help you grow your business by bringing you more customers.


We have two packages: The Free Package and The Paid Package. Besides, there are the promotion packages.

The Free Package
Price: Free
Listing Limit: One (1) business
Listing Expiration: Thirty (30) days

The Paid Package
Price: GHC 100
Listing Limit: Five (5) businesses
Listing Expiration: 365 days
Click here to purchase the Paid Package

Promotional Packages

These packages are used to promote the listings in the Free and Paid Packages. When a listing is promoted, it appears on top of search results and also in its categories.


Use this to promote your Paid listings. The Featured Listing is for promoting the businesses in your Paid package.

Price: GHC 90*

Listing Expiration: Ninety (90) days

Featured Listings appear at the top of search pages. They also appear at the top of the pages of their categories.

*This covers ALL the businesses in your package.

You must have a Paid package before you can buy the Featured Listing.

Click here to purchase the Featured Listing.


Use this to promote your Free package listings. The Verified Listing is for promoting the listing in your Free package.

Price: GHC 15

Listing Expiration: Thirty (30) days

Verified Listings appear at the top of search pages and also at the top of the pages of their categories. However, they come after the Featured Listings. But before the listings that are not promoted.

You must have a Free package before you can buy the Verified Listing.

Click here to purchase the Verified.

Kindly note that you can use the WECLOME10 coupon code to get a discount of GHC 10 off your first order. It is your welcoming gift from us. Use it when buying any of the Ghana Yellow Pages products.

How To List Your Business/Organization on Ghana Yellow Pages

Kindly follow these steps carefully so that you can get your listing approved to display on our website:

  1. Use the Add Listing tab at the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Category: Choose your business’s category from the dropdown menu.
  3. Image: Select an image for your business. The image should be a square. You can upload up to 5 images.
  4. Title: Enter the name of the business you are listing.
  5. Location: Please note,
    • Don’t manually enter your location.
    • Use the arrow icon at the right-hand side of the location box to automatically fetch your location.
    • If you are on a mobile device, you may have to switch on your device’s location. So that your device can provide your location.
    • Do not make changes to the location the app will automatically set for you. You will see your city, region, and country (e.g. Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana). But don’t change it. Because when your listing is approved, your exact location will be seen on the map. So don’t make any changes to the location the app will automatically set for you.
    • If you manually enter your location, you may not appear in the search results. Therefore, use the arrow icon in the location box.
  6. Phone number: Enter your company’s phone numbers
  7. Email: Enter your company’s email address(es).
  8. Website: Enter your company’s website address.
  9. Social media: Enter the link to your most active social media account. It can be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  10. Working hours: Enter your company’s working hours. For example Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
  11. Description: Describe in detail what your business is about. And provide any information that you have not already provided. For tips on how to describe your business in the Description box, read this: How To Describe Your Business To Get More Customers.

When you are done listing your business, kindly log back into your account. Then check on your dashboard to see if the business you listed is shown as “Pending“. If that is the case, then you have successfully submitted your listing. So you kindly wait for us to approve it from our end.

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