How To Target Rich People With Facebook & Instagram Ads

Rich people have money. High Net Worth Individuals is their other name. They can spend on your business once they are okay with your goods and services. But how do you get them to know about your business? One way is to use Facebook and Instagram Ads to target them.

But before we start, we have to describe who a rich person is. This is because, in every marketing campaign, you need to establish both your objective and target audience first. So the objective here is to reach wealthy people. But the target audience is not that easy. We have to specifically define it.

So who do you consider a high-net-worth person? Osei Kwame Despite, Kennedy Agyapong, Ibrahim Mahama, and so on? Or should we come down a bit to the likes of Asamoah Gyan, Samuel Osei Kuffuour, Sarkodie, Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, and the rest? Or are you trying to reach the normal rich folks you know personally?

Okay, so about them, how old are they? What kind of phones do they use? Do they have their own businesses? Do they travel outside or around Ghana often? Where do they stay? These questions are what you are going to use to optimize your Facebook and Instagram ads to reach these wealthy people.

Right now, I am assuming you have already installed the Meta Ads app and are conversant with it. If not, then you can see our post, Facebook Marketing Strategy For Businesses, and scroll to the part where Ads are discussed.

So in your Meta Ads app, you have chosen the post you want to use and you are now on the audience page.

On the Audience page, tap on Create New Audience.

Back to the questions asked above about rich people, we will use them to refine the target audience.

1. Set the age to the range you believe these high-net-worth individuals fall within (e.g. between 25 and 65 years).

2. Tap on the Include These Locations section. Enter the neighbourhood the rich people you’re trying to reach are staying (e.g. East Legon, Cantonments, Atasomanso, Ahodwo, etc.).

3. Go to the Detailed Targeting section. Most of the work will now be done using Behaviours.

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Follow these steps:

3a. Behaviours >> Digital Activities >> Facebook Page Admins
When the Facebook Page Admins page opens you will see different types of page admins (e.g. Business Page Admin, Food and Restaurant Page Admins, etc). Add all of them. This is because the rich probably have businesses and have created Facebook pages for their businesses. And they are admins of these pages.

3b. Behaviours >> Ex-pats
Add all the countries you’re interested in. Most ex-pats earn higher incomes than average citizens.

3c. Behaviours >> Mobile Device User >> All Mobile Devices By Brand
When you select Apple, it will open a list of different types of iPhones and iPads. Add all that you want to target. For example, if you want to target iPhone X users, add it.

When you are done, go back one step and do the same with Samsung, Huawei, and other brands. Rich people love using expensive devices.

3d. Behaviours >> Purchase Behaviours
Add Engaged Shoppers. These are people who like buying stuff on Facebook and Instagram. They will probably patronize your goods and services too.

3e. Behaviours >> Travel
Add Frequent International Travellers and any other you want. This is because rich people travel often.

When you are done then you proceed to complete the whole Ad.

With these, you can target wealthy people with your Ads. Don’t forget that you can always make changes to the Detailed Targeting as you prefer.

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