List of 30+ Profitable Businesses To Start With 1000 Cedis In Ghana in 2023[PLUS 25 IDEAS FOR LADIES]

Ghana is a lower-middle-income country. There are not many jobs. So people resort to starting their own businesses in order to support themselves. But one’s capital determines the kind of business he or she can start.

If you want to see the 25 business ideas women in Ghana can venture into, please scroll down.

Here is a list of 40 small business ideas that can be started with GHC 1000 or less in Ghana:

  1. Mobile phone accessories sales (chargers, cases, screen protectors)
  2. Snack vending machine business
  3. Homemade soap or candle making
  4. Fruit and vegetable retailing
  5. Jewellery making and sales
  6. T-shirt printing and customization
  7. Tailoring and alterations
  8. Street food vending (local delicacies, snacks)
  9. Cleaning and janitorial services
  10. Event decoration services
  11. Laundry and dry-cleaning services
  12. Plant nursery or gardening services
  13. Car wash and detailing services
  14. Popcorn production and sales
  15. Second-hand clothing sales
  16. Pet grooming services
  17. Photography services (events, portraits)
  18. Shoe repair and polishing
  19. Graphic design and branding services
  20. Freelance writing or content creation
  21. Toy sales (local or imported)
  22. Car accessories sales (air fresheners, seat covers)
  23. Personal training or fitness coaching
  24. Handmade crafts and gift items
  25. Courier and delivery services
  26. Computer repair and maintenance
  27. Hairdressing or barber services
  28. Party planning and organizing
  29. Web design and development services
  30. Interior decoration services
  31. Mobile phone repair services
  32. Car battery charging services
  33. Organic farming (vegetables, herbs)
  34. Print-on-demand merchandise sales (mugs, shirts)
  35. Tutoring or teaching services (academic or skill-based)
  36. Beekeeping and honey production
  37. Animal Farming (poultry, catfish, cattle, etc)
  38. Solar phone charging services
  39. Bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses
  40. Babysitting or child care services

Remember that the actual startup costs may vary depending on the location, market conditions, and the specific business model. It’s important to conduct thorough research, develop a solid business plan, and adapt the ideas to suit your target market and personal skills.

25 Business Ideas in Ghana for Ladies

If you are a Ghanaian woman looking for business ideas, you can consider any of these:

Beauty and Fashion:

1. Fashion Blogging: Start a blog sharing fashion tips, trends, and style advice. Blogging for business is a great idea. We can help you with professional web design.

2. Fashion Designing: Launch your own fashion line or boutique, creating and selling unique clothing designs.

3. Makeup Artist: Offer professional makeup services for weddings, events, and photo shoots.

4. Stylist: Provide personal styling services to help clients enhance their appearance and build confidence.

5. Jewelry Business: Design and sell handmade or curated jewellery pieces through an online or physical store.

Creative and Artistic Ventures:

6. Freelance Content Writer: Offer writing services to businesses and individuals for website content, articles, and blogs.

7. Music Teaching: Give music lessons to aspiring musicians and students interested in learning an instrument or vocals.

8. Voice Actress: Use your voice-over skills to lend your voice to commercials, animations, audiobooks, and more.

9. Sewing Business: Start a sewing business offering clothing alterations, custom tailoring, and design services.

10. Soap Making: Produce and sell handmade soaps, skincare products, and bath essentials. Check out Eri Beauty, she’s doing well in this regard. Eri Beauty even has her own business website which we built for her.

Food and Culinary:

11. Bakery Business: Open a bakery offering a variety of baked goods like bread, pastries, cakes, and cookies.

12. Home-based Hobby Classes (e.g., Cooking): Host cooking classes at home or online, teaching participants how to cook various dishes.

13. Personal Chef: Provide personalized cooking services to clients in their homes.

14. Nutritionist: Offer nutritional counselling and meal planning services to help clients achieve their health goals.

Technology and Online Services:

15. App Development: Develop mobile apps for businesses or create your own app-based service.

16. Online Courses: Create and sell online courses on a subject you’re knowledgeable about.

17. Online Dating Consultant: Provide guidance and advice to individuals looking to improve their online dating profiles and interactions.

18. Video Editor: Offer video editing services to businesses, content creators, or individuals.

Retail and Customer Services:

19. Flower Shop: Open a flower shop or offer floral arrangements for events and occasions.

20. Tour Guide: Become a tour guide, showcasing the beauty and culture of various destinations in Ghana.

21. Brand Ambassador: Collaborate with brands to promote their products and services through social media and events.

22. Public Relations Consulting: Provide PR services to businesses and individuals, managing their public image and communication.

23. Remote Customer Service: Work remotely for companies, providing customer support and assistance.

Education and Consulting:

24. Tutoring: Offer tutoring services in various subjects or specialized areas.

25. Business Coaching: Provide coaching and mentorship to individuals and entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their businesses.


Kindly note the following:

In Ghana, businesses that move fast and show significant growth potential include telecommunications, technology startups, and e-commerce ventures. These sectors are benefiting from the increasing adoption of digital technologies and the growing demand for convenient and accessible services.

The most profitable businesses in Ghana vary depending on several factors. However, some of the most lucrative industries in the country include oil and gas, mining, banking and finance, real estate, and the export of gold and agricultural products like cocoa, cashew.

Ghanaians tend to buy essential goods such as food items (especially staples like rice, maize, and cassava), household products, clothing, and mobile phones. Additionally, the demand for consumer electronics, automobiles, and housing has been increasing with the country’s economic growth.

The business trends in Ghana were leaning towards technology-driven industries, including fintech (financial technology), mobile app development, and renewable energy. Additionally, the healthcare sector, especially telemedicine and pharmaceuticals, is showing promise. 

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