The Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCO) has a clear mandate and role in the electricity sector of Ghana. Here is an overview of GRIDCO’s key responsibilities and functions based on the provided information:

1. Undertake economic dispatch and transmission of electricity from wholesale suppliers (generating companies) to bulk customers:
– GRIDCO is responsible for efficiently dispatching and transmitting electricity generated by various power-generating companies to bulk customers. This ensures a reliable and stable supply of electricity to meet the demands of consumers and industries.

2. Provide fair and non-discriminatory transmission services to all power market participants:
– GRIDCO operates as a transmission service provider, offering its services to all participants in the power market on a fair and non-discriminatory basis. This ensures equal access to the transmission infrastructure for all market players.

3. Acquire and manage assets, facilities, and systems required to transmit electrical energy:
– GRIDCO is tasked with acquiring, maintaining, and managing the necessary infrastructure, such as transmission lines, substations, and control systems, to facilitate the efficient transmission of electrical energy across the grid.

4. Provide metering and billing services to bulk customers:
– GRIDCO is responsible for metering and billing bulk customers, including entities like the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo), and mines. This involves accurately measuring the electricity consumed by these customers and billing them accordingly.

5. Carry out transmission system planning and implement necessary investments to provide the capacity to reliably transmit electric energy:
– GRIDCO is involved in long-term planning for the transmission system. This includes assessing the capacity requirements of the grid, identifying necessary investments in infrastructure, and ensuring the reliability of the transmission network to meet future energy demands.

6. Manage the Wholesale Power Market:
– GRIDCO plays a role in managing the Wholesale Power Market in Ghana. This likely involves coordinating the buying and selling of electricity among market participants, ensuring fair market practices, and maintaining the stability of the electricity supply.

GRIDCO’s functions are crucial for the efficient and reliable operation of the electricity sector in Ghana. By undertaking these responsibilities, GRIDCO helps ensure that electricity is transmitted efficiently, fairly, and reliably to meet the needs of consumers and support economic development in the region.

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