VENTIGEO LTD. KUMASI – Your Partner for Clean, Protected, and Comfortable Spaces

Welcome to VENTIGEO LTD., where we are committed to providing clean, healthy, and comfortable indoor environments while safeguarding properties from damage caused by moisture and other factors. With a wealth of experience in civil engineering, geotechnical, and engineering geology in Europe, we stand as an invaluable partner for all your building and construction projects from start to finish.

Protecting Properties and Prolonging Lifespans

At VENTIGEO LTD., we believe that our customers deserve clean, healthy, and comfortable indoor climates. That’s why we continuously introduce new products and solutions designed to protect properties from damage, especially moisture-related issues. Our focus on clean and fresh air in both residential and commercial buildings ensures that occupants enjoy a safe and pleasant environment.

A One-Stop Engineering Firm

With our expertise and dedication to healthy homes, VENTIGEO LTD. serves as a one-stop engineering firm for all your fresh air ventilation, foundation, and roof protection needs. Through strategic partnerships with reputable European market leaders, such as FLEXIT for ventilation and DOERKEN DELTA for foundation and roof protection systems, we offer accessible, high-quality solutions for Ghana and the West African region.

Leading Ventilation and Protection Systems

Our partners, FLEXIT and DELTA, are renowned leaders in their respective fields. FLEXIT has over 40 years of market leadership in ventilation systems in Norway, while DELTA boasts more than 100 years of excellence in foundation protection and roof underlays in Germany. With the exclusive distribution of FLEXIT and DELTA systems by VENTIGEO LTD., discomforting and unhealthy moisture levels indoors become a thing of the past, ensuring the longevity of concrete and masonry structures.

Our Target Audience

At VENTIGEO LTD., we cater to various stakeholders, including house owners, builders, real estate developers, engineers, architects, HVAC professionals, and more. Our marketing and sales efforts are directed towards providing the right solutions for the unique needs of each customer.

Expert Consulting in Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Engineering

Beyond our product offerings, VENTIGEO LTD. also undertakes consulting assignments as experts in engineering geology and geotechnical engineering. With an impressive track record of projects in tunnelling, underground basements, multifloor underground carparks, hydropower dams, roads, rock support for underground mines, openings, and tunnels, we bring valuable insights and expertise to your ventures.

Partner with VENTIGEO LTD. for Exceptional Solutions

When it comes to clean, protected, and comfortable spaces, VENTIGEO LTD. is the name you can trust. Whether you need top-of-the-line ventilation systems or reliable foundation and roof protection, our expertise ensures exceptional results. Contact us today to partner with VENTIGEO LTD. for your building and construction projects, and experience the difference of working with a team dedicated to your satisfaction and property preservation.

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