Maximizing Your Social Media Sales: The 5 Key Questions to Answer

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. It’s not just a platform to connect with friends and family, but also a platform to promote businesses and connect with potential customers. 

As a business owner, it’s important to make sure your social media pages are optimized to attract potential customers and ultimately make sales. In this article, I will discuss the five questions people ask themselves when they visit a social media page and how you can use this knowledge to improve your social media presence and increase sales.

What is this page about?

The first thing visitors to your social media page want to know is what your page is about. They want to know what products or services you offer, and what makes your business unique. 

To ensure that your visitors can easily understand what your page is about, make sure your page’s name, description, and bio clearly state what your business does. You can also pin a short video or an image introducing your business or showcasing your products and services. Moreover, for the sake of brand recognition, do well to use your logo as the profile picture. This will help people recognise your business anywhere they see it.

Is this page relevant to me?

Once people have an idea of what your page is about, they’ll ask themselves if your page is relevant to their interests or needs. They’ll look at your content, the style, the tone, and the messaging of your page to determine if it’s something they want to follow or engage with.

People want to know if your social media page is relevant to them. They want to know if your products or services cater to their needs and if your business is located in their area. It will surprise you to know a majority of Ghanaian businesses do not state their location in their bio. Whenever I land on a page and I do not see the location, I just bounce off. Sometimes, you need a local business to work with. But if you don’t make your location obvious, why should I stress myself?

To make your page relevant, use hashtags and keywords that are relevant to your business and target audience. Recently, keywords are gaining popularity because of their relations with SEO. You can also create content that addresses the pain points or interests of your target audience. 

What’s the value of following this page? 

After they realise your page is relevant to them, they will not immediately follow your page. They will rather ask themselves what they stand to gain by following your page. They will look at your content, whether you are producing valuable content or just posting pictures of your products. 

They’ll look at the benefits of engaging with your content, such as gaining knowledge, discovering new products or services, solving a problem, achieving a goal, being part of a community, and so forth. It is called creating valuable content. Do not forget, Content is King.

Is this page credible?

In today’s world, where fake news and scams are prevalent, people want to make sure the business they’re dealing with is credible. That is why most social media platforms have the blue check mark, although some intend to sell it. The verified mark helps distinguish your business’s page from that of imposters.

Your profile visitors will also look at the quality of your content, and the engagement of your followers to determine if it’s a reliable source of information.

To make your social media page credible, encourage customers to leave reviews and testimonials on your page. Respond to comments and questions promptly and professionally. You can also leave meaningful comments under other people’s posts. This will help them know your page is not a fake account.

In order to drive sales, I would recommend you encourage your clients to create their own posts about your products or services and tag you in those posts. This will be helpful especially on Instagram, as there is a tagged tab on everyone’s page.

Moreover, to build trust,  make sure your social media page offers clear and transparent policies on shipping, returns, and refunds. Also, your audience would prefer you state the price instead of asking them to DM you for the price.

Is this page active?

People want to know if your social media page is active and regularly updated. An inactive page gives the impression that the business is not serious or has gone out of business. To keep your page active, post regularly and consistently.  

Your page’s visitors will look at the frequency of posts, the quality of the visuals, and the overall tone of your content to see if it’s worth their time and attention.

You can share interesting and informative content related to your business, behind-the-scenes photos or videos, or news and updates about your products or services. Do your best to post at least 2x or 3x a week. 

In conclusion, people ask themselves five questions when they visit a social media page: what is this page about, is this page credible, is this page active, is this page relevant to me, and what is the value of following this page? By making sure your social media pages answer these questions, you can attract potential customers and increase sales. Remember to keep your page’s content high-quality, informative, and engaging, and respond to comments and questions promptly and professionally.

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