Social Media Manager: 8 Signs That You Need One

Social media marketing is an aspect of Digital marketing. Basically, the use of social media channels to market your products or services is called Social Media Marketing. Hence, a Social Media Manager is the person responsible for all your social media accounts. She looks after your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, LinkedIn, YouTube, and any other social media platforms your business may be on. This explanation is enough to show how the work of a social media manager is challenging. That is why in some circumstances, it is best you hire or contract the services of someone to do it for you. 

Here are a few signs that show that you need a social media manager:

You don’t know much about social media marketing

You might be using Facebook to interact with your family & friends, watching movies on YouTube, getting stuck on TikTok for the whole day, posting pictures on Instagram, and tweeting about TV3 Date Rush. Yet, that does not mean you are a social media marketing expert. 

Either you know how to use social media for yourself as a person. Or you don’t understand how the platform works. But in either case, when it comes to using it as a marketing strategy for your business, it is a whole different game. That is why you need a social media manager. What social media managers do.[link]

You’re too busy to post

Business is not just about social media. There are other aspects such as sales, finance, production, and so on. And as a business owner, the other areas of business are equally demanding. Hence, you have a lot to do. And sometimes you’re too busy to post something on your social media accounts. Even when you have the idea, you can’t find the time to turn it into a post. Additionally, you take a long time to respond to your social media messages.

As stated earlier, social media is used as a marketing strategy. Therefore, you cannot neglect it. Since you don’t have time to implement a strong social media strategy. You need someone to do it for you. So that you can focus on other important departments of your business.

You don’t know what to post

There are 30 days in a month. You need to post at least once a day. So that you can reach more people on social media. Consistency is key. But what exactly are you going to post each day? Moreover, your posts on a single platform plus that of all your platforms should be in sync. How do you intend to do that?

Lacking ideas to post about happens to lots of people. But it can hurt your social media strategy. That is why you need someone who has the ability to create every now and then.


Your engagement rate is low

This is the scenario in which you are doing it all by yourself. But your followers are not increasing. And/or the rate at which people watch, like, comment, and share your posts is also not growing. This is also a signal that you need a social media manager to handle your business account for you.

You Don’t know how to create ads

Social media platforms are all about money and attention. Either you are bringing them money or attention or both. Sometimes, you need to create Facebook Ads or YouTube Ads. But when you don’t know how to do it or don’t get many results when you do it yourself, it shows that you need a social media manager. 

You Don’t Prioritise Social Media

We live in a digital world. But maybe you are from another planet. So social media is not your thing. It is not a place you would want to take your business to. You prefer the old way of doing things. If that is you, then you need a social media manager. Look, there were about 17 million internet users in Ghana as of January 2022. And 7 million were active on Facebook alone. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to promote your products or services where people are converging and communicating.


You are Obsessed With Social Media

This may come as a surprise but it is true. If you are the type who can’t focus on anything apart from social media, then you need someone to manage your accounts for you. There are those who are too busy to post because they are paying attention to other parts of the business. And there are those who are always on social media to the detriment of the other departments of their business. 

Your Competitors Are Doing Well

If your competitors are doing well on social media, then you need a social media manager to help you stay in the game. I have analyzed the social media strategy of several businesses, of which banks in Ghana are included. You can read the article Social Media Marketing Strategies of Top Ghana Banks-Authentic Review. And I can tell you that any business that takes its social media strategy seriously will easily steal the customers of its competitors. It’s that severe.

If any of these scenarios describes you, don’t worry. We are here for you. Our Digital Marketing services are tailored to help you with digital marketing. There are two options. You can choose either the Coaching or Outsourcing option. With the Coaching, we plan for and guide your team. Whereas we handle everything for your business under the Outsourcing option.

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