Twitter/X Marketing: A Beginner’s Guide

In 2023, Twitter/X had 1.15 million users in Ghana, making it a significant platform for reaching a local audience. Let’s unravel the potential of Twitter marketing for beginners in the Ghanaian context.

What is Twitter Marketing?

Twitter marketing is using the social media platform Twitter (now known as X) to promote and advertise your products, services, or messages to a wide audience. It involves creating engaging tweets, interacting with followers, and using Twitter’s features to reach and connect with potential customers or followers.

Twitter has various post formats for engaging with customers, such as videos, polls, images, GIFs, and standard text-based tweets.

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Unique Features of Twitter’s Platform

  1. Receptive Audience: Twitter users are known to be more receptive to ads, making it an effective platform for advertisers.
  2. Discovery and Open-minded Users: Twitter users are more likely to discover new things, open-minded, and eager to try new experiences compared to the general online population.
  3. Twitter Trends: Twitter’s trending topics help marketers stay updated on popular discussions and audience interests.
  4. Twitter Circle: Users can create exclusive groups and share content with a select audience, making it useful for targeted marketing.
  5. Twitter Communities: Similar to Facebook Groups, Twitter Communities allow users to join or start groups based on shared interests.
  6. Twitter Spaces: A live audio chat feature for real-time engagement, ideal for Q&As and industry-specific discussions.
  7. Twitter Lists: Curated feeds of selected accounts, allowing users to focus on relevant discussions and influential people.
  8. 280-Character Limit: Tweets are short and concise, emphasizing brevity in communication.
  9. No Filters: Every tweet reaches every follower, unlike some other social networks that use algorithms to filter content.
  10. Public Accessibility: Public tweets are visible to anyone, even without a Twitter account.
  11. Viral Potential: Tweets can spread quickly, and influential users can have a significant impact.
  12. Monitoring and Response: Marketers need to be vigilant in tracking and responding to viral content that affects their brands.

These unique features make Twitter a distinct platform for communication, advertising, and engagement.

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sample Twitter/X account – desktop view

How To Use Twitter/X To Market Your Business

Step 1: Set Clear Objectives

To use Twitter for your business, start by setting clear goals. Decide what you want to achieve on Twitter. Do you want more people to recognize your brand, get more visitors to your website, find new customers, or assist existing ones? These goals will help you plan what to do on Twitter. 

For instance, if you want to raise brand awareness, you might focus on sharing interesting information about your industry. If your goal is to bring more people to your website, you could post links to your site. By knowing your objectives, you can create a strategy that makes sense for your business. It’s like having a map to reach your destination, and it keeps you on the right track.

Step 2: Optimize Your Profile

Optimizing your Twitter profile is important for your business. To do this:

1. Professional Account: Professional Accounts on Twitter are special for businesses, brands, creators, and publishers. They help you have a unique and clear presence on Twitter and offer exclusive tools, including a dashboard, giving access a team member access to your account, etc.

2. Profile Picture: Use your company logo as your profile picture. This helps people quickly recognize your brand. It’s like your face on Twitter.

3. Header Image: Choose an attractive header image that represents your business. It’s like the big banner on your Twitter page, so make it appealing.

4. Bio: Write a short and clear bio that tells people what your business is about. Use simple language to explain what you do. This is like a brief introduction to your company.

A professional profile makes your business look trustworthy and easy to understand. People are more likely to follow you and engage with your tweets when they know who you are and what you do.

Step 3: Have a Content Strategy

A content strategy on Twitter is like a plan for what you want to say. First, think about what you want to achieve on Twitter, like telling people about your products or helping them learn something. Your content should match these goals.

You should share different kinds of posts. Like, news about your industry, posts about your products, things that teach your followers, and pictures or videos that grab their attention. This mix keeps your Twitter page interesting.

When you plan your tweets, it helps you reach the right people and keep them interested. So, figure out what you want to do on Twitter, and then share a mix of content that matches your plans. It makes your Twitter page more engaging and helpful to your followers.

Step 4: Be Consistent

Consistency is super important on Twitter. It means you should post regularly. This helps you stay visible and keeps your followers interested. If you don’t post often, your Twitter presence might fade away. 

People like seeing new tweets, so they stay engaged and interested in your account. So, make a schedule and stick to it. It could be a few tweets a day or a couple each week, but the key is to keep it steady. This way, your audience knows when to expect new updates from you, and they’re more likely to stay connected and pay attention to what you have to say.

Step 5: Leverage Twitter’s Unique Features

Take advantage of Twitter’s special tools to boost your marketing efforts. 

Use Twitter threads to tell longer stories and share detailed information in a series of connected tweets. 

Utilize Twitter Polls to engage your audience by asking questions or seeking opinions. 

Twitter Lists help you organize accounts to follow and keep track of industry news, competitors, and influencers.

Twitter Spaces allow you to host live audio chats, like Q&As or discussions, engaging your audience in real time. 

Join or create Twitter Communities to connect with like-minded users and share content. 

With Twitter Circle, you can create exclusive groups to share tailored content with a select audience. 

Stay current by following Twitter Trends, which help you understand what topics are popular and relevant to your audience. 

By using these unique Twitter features, you can enhance your marketing strategy, interact with your audience, and stay ahead in the social media game.

Step 6: Use Hashtags

Using hashtags on Twitter can help your business. Hashtags are words or phrases preceded by the “#” symbol. They make it easier for people interested in a particular topic to find your tweets. When you use relevant hashtags in your tweets, more people can see your messages.

To use hashtags effectively, do some research. Look for popular or trending hashtags related to your industry or the content you’re sharing. These hashtags should be connected to what you’re talking about. When you include them in your tweets, your messages can show up when people search or click on those hashtags.

For example, if you run a bakery and post a picture of a delicious cake, you might use hashtags like #Baking, #CakeDecorating, or #Desserts. This can help you reach a broader audience interested in those topics. Just remember not to overdo it; a few well-chosen hashtags are better than too many.

Step 7: Engage With Your Audience

Engaging with your audience on Twitter means being responsive and interactive. When someone mentions or messages your business, try to reply quickly. It shows you care about what they’re saying. 

Also, take time to respond to comments on your tweets. If people ask questions, give them helpful answers. If someone shares your content or gives you a shout-out, show your gratitude. 

Engaging in conversations helps build a sense of community around your brand, and it makes followers feel valued. It’s like having a friendly chat with your customers. Remember, being prompt and friendly in your responses can strengthen your relationship with your audience and boost your business on Twitter.

Step 8: Twitter Advertising

As of now, in Ghana, Twitter advertising isn’t an option. This means that businesses in Ghana can’t use Twitter’s paid promotional features to reach a wider audience or promote their products and services on the platform. 

Twitter advertising is a way to pay for your tweets to appear more prominently to users who may be interested in what you offer. However, it’s essential for businesses in Ghana to explore other marketing avenues like organic (non-paid) tweets, engaging with followers, and using other social media platforms and traditional marketing methods to connect with their target audience and grow their online presence. Keep an eye out for any updates from Twitter regarding the availability of advertising services in Ghana in the future, as this may change over time.

Step 9: Consider Twitter/X Verification

Although you can’t run Twitter ads in Ghana, you can consider getting verified with the X Premium or X Verified Organization subscription. X Premium and X Verified Organizations are distinct services offered by X, each catering to different needs and entities. Here’s an explanation of the differences between them:

X Premium

  • X Premium is a paid subscription service designed for individual users who want to enhance their experience on the platform.
  • Subscribers to X Premium receive a blue checkmark on their account, indicating their premium status.
  • They gain early access to various features such as the ability to edit posts, see fewer ads, and have posts prioritized in conversations and search results.
  • X Premium also provides options for longer posts, text formatting, customized app icons, themes, and more.
  • Subscribers have the flexibility to hide their checkmarks and enjoy encrypted direct messages.
  • Pricing for X Premium varies by location, and features may change over time.

X Verified Organizations

  • X Verified Organizations is a service designed specifically for businesses, government entities, and non-profit organizations.
  • Accounts under Verified Organizations receive a gold checkmark, showcasing their affiliation.
  • This service offers various features, including custom affiliation badges, premium support, impersonation defence, and more.
  • Organizations can affiliate related X accounts, granting them verification and an affiliate badge.
  • They benefit from elevated posts, DM, and media upload limits and have access to Premium Support.
  • The Verified Organizations subscription comes with a monthly fee, and additional affiliate accounts can be added for an extra cost.
  • The Verified Organizations portal allows organizations to manage their verification, affiliations, and billing in one place.

Step 9: Pay Attention to Social Listening

Tuning in with social listening on Twitter involves more than just posting; it’s about paying attention to what people are saying. By monitoring conversations related to your business and your competitors, you can gain valuable insights into your customers and the community. 

This approach allows you to understand what people are discussing, their opinions, and their needs, helping you tailor your strategies to better meet their expectations. It also enables you to stay informed about your competitors’ activities, allowing you to identify their strengths and weaknesses, which can be used to refine your own business approach and stay ahead in the market.

Step 10: Analyze Performance

Regularly check your Twitter analytics to see how well your tweets are doing. Use this data to make your Twitter strategy better. Look at things like:

  • Engagements, like likes, Retweets, and comments.
  • Impressions, which show how many people saw your tweets or videos.
  • Mentions, to see how many people are talking about your business.

Don’t just focus on gaining more followers, but pay attention to how people engage with your content. When you see good results, you can set higher goals. This way, you can fine-tune your Twitter strategy for better outcomes.

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