What Happens If We Should Pay for Using Social Media Platforms?

Social media, once the free and open gateway to the digital world, is undergoing a transformation that might have profound implications for businesses in Ghana. In an era where we’ve grown accustomed to connecting, advertising, and sharing content without a fee, a shift is happening. The giants like Twitter (now known as X), Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are beginning to charge for their services. This change raises a fundamental question: what happens if we should pay for social media platforms?

Social Media Platforms Are Slowly Charging Their Users

In recent news, Twitter, under its new moniker X, has initiated a $1 annual fee for new and unverified users, with this experiment starting in New Zealand and the Philippines. Elon Musk, the tech titan, asserts that this move aims to combat fake accounts, often referred to as bots, that have plagued the platform.

Meanwhile, Facebook and Instagram have rolled out subscriptions in parts of Europe, offering an ad-free experience for €9.99 per month. Although this service isn’t available in the UK, it hints at a broader trend within the industry. 

TikTok is also testing a monthly subscription, priced at $4.99, with the potential to remove ads, though it’s yet to be implemented worldwide.

Should Your Business Pay to Use Twitter (X)?

If you’re a business owner in Ghana, the introduction of X’s subscription model may leave you in a dilemma. With the inability to run Twitter ads in Ghana, X Premium or X Verified Organization subscriptions might appear as viable alternatives. These services offer longer posts and increased reach. But it’s essential to consider that Twitter/X doesn’t boast a large active user base in Ghana compared to other social media platforms.

The question then becomes: should you pay for X’s subscription to enhance your online presence? While the benefits are tempting, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons. Increased reach and the ability to publish longer posts might be valuable. However, these features may not align with the audience you’re trying to reach if they are not active on the platform.

How About Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok Subscriptions?

In Ghana, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok enjoy a more significant user base compared to X. However, their subscription services come with a different set of considerations. The appeal of an ad-free experience is undeniable, but it comes at a cost. 

As of now, both Facebook and Instagram offer monthly subscriptions that are more expensive than X’s annual $1 fee. This means using them would be more expensive.

The underlying question is whether ad-free experiences are worth the investment. Will paying for these services make your posts reach a broader audience, or will you still have to spend extra to run ads? 

Moreover, if users are paying for ad-free experiences, who will see your ads? The potential decline in ad visibility could adversely affect your sales and marketing efforts.

What You Should Do

In light of these changes, it’s becoming increasingly clear that businesses should adopt a website-first mindset. Prioritizing your website over your social media pages is paramount. Websites provide you with greater control, allowing you to connect with your audience directly and eliminating the uncertainties of algorithm changes and paywalls on social media platforms. In a digital world where change is constant, having a website as your primary hub remains a reliable and enduring strategy for businesses in Ghana.

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