5 Creative Instagram Grid Layout Ideas to Make Your Profile Stand Out in 2023

First impressions tend to become lasting impressions. When anyone lands on your Instagram profile and recognizes how it stands out, it gives them a good first impression. Moreover, a revamped Instagram page boosts your brand image. So whether you are targeting new profile visitors or rebranding your business to your existing followers, you need a stunning Instagram grid layout. 

Making your grid look like random pieces of posts posted on your page will affect your marketing strategy. The overall appearance of the posts on your grid should look cohesive in addition. Make your brand look attractive by creating a beautiful feed design. This will boost your marketing strategy. Remember, the key activities of social media management require much effort and creativity.

Why having a creative Instagram grid layout is important

One of the best ways to make your Instagram profile pop is by having an eye-catching and creative grid layout. A creative Instagram grid layout is essential for several reasons. 

Firstly, it tells a story about your business. A well-designed grid layout can showcase your brand’s personality, values, and aesthetic. 

Secondly, it entices your followers to engage with your content. A visually appealing grid layout can grab your followers’ attention and encourage them to engage with your posts by liking, commenting, or sharing. 

Finally, having a unique and creative grid layout can help you stand out from your competitors. As they are just posting pictures of their products, your well-thought-out grid will differentiate your page from theirs and make your profile easy to remember. 

As an Instagram marketing expert, I’ve worked with various clients to help them develop unique and creative Instagram grid layouts that make their profiles stand out. In this article, I’ll be sharing five of the most creative Instagram grid layout ideas that you can use to make your profile visually stunning and memorable. So, whether you’re a new business trying to establish your brand or an pnfluencer looking to gain more followers, these Instagram grid layout ideas will help you achieve your goals.

Same Color/Filter Instagram grid layout 

This involves editing your photos in a similar way to create a cohesive look by using the same filter or color palette. 

instagram grid layout

Borders Instagram Grid Layout

With this, you use a border or add white space between your photos to create a clean and organized look.

You can add the borders all around your post or at one side (e.g., at the bottom or top only). This also makes your grid stand out easily.

As you can see, @janbelfragrance uses a yellow border on all sides of her posts.

Tiles Instagram Grid Layout

The tiles/checkerboard grid layout makes your page look like a tile or checkerboard. You basically use two templates and you alternate between them. When your first post uses one template, your next post will use the other template.

tiles instagram grid alyout

@ghyellowpages is our Instagram handle. We use the tiles grid layout rotating between a gray and black background.

checkerboard instagram grid layout

@dzidarh_ also uses the same grid layout style as ours. However, she alternates between a picture/video and a text.

Middle-Column grid layout 

The middle column Instagram grid layout is whereby you maintain one type of design or purpose for the middle column of your grid. That means the left and right columns will also have the same kind of design or purpose, making the middle one stand out as your profile visitors scroll down your page.

You can have a variation of this by choosing either the left or right column to be the standout column. For example, @janbelfragrance mentioned above uses her left column to post only educational content.

middle column instagram grid layout

Combination grid layout 

You guessed right, you can add a combination of these Instagram grid layouts and use them for your page. For example, you can combine borders and tiles. Or you can even mix the same color/filter with a middle-column grid layout.

However, if you feel like it or are sure will project your brand appropriately, then you go for it.

tiles and borders instagram grid layout

@bluestrapgh uses both a tile and a border. Their blue border is at the bottom, while they alternate between two templates creating a checkerboard effect.

How to create a unique Instagram grid layout

If you want to create a unique and creative Instagram grid layout, you will need:

Your brand colors and font: Your brand colors should consistently show in your posts. It is one of the elements that help people recognize it is you. MTN keeps its yellow colors everywhere, Stanbic keeps its blue colors always, and so on. So, you should stick to making your brand colors show in your posts. Moreover, maintaining a font type will add to your brand recognition efforts.

A consistent posting schedule: A social media content calendar will help you create and stick to a consistent posting schedule. Moreover, social media content calendars have additional information you might to pay attention to.  

Templates: You can use apps like Canva to create templates. Canva is a graphic design tool that allows you to create custom templates, graphics, and layouts for your Instagram profile.

In conclusion, having a creative Instagram grid layout is essential for standing out on the platform. By using one of the five grid layout ideas outlined above, you can create a visually stunning and memorable profile that showcases your brand or personal brand. Remember to keep your grid layout cohesive, visually appealing, and reflective of your personality or brand. With the right strategy and tools, you can take your Instagram profile to the next level and connect with your followers in a more significant way.

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